Combatting Childhood Obesity

Combatting Childhood Obesity

Jessica Spencer      4/10/14

This is an article focusing on combating childhood obesity nation wide. The sources this article uses are the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. It was posted and last updated on September 23, 2013. The points this article discusses are mainly statistics of children’s health, and statistics of slight declines of childhood obesity recently. They also have resources o what needs to be done as well as what parents can do to help reverse this epidemic. This is important to me because health in general should be taken seriously, but health in children is even more vital. Our children are our future, and their health is vital in so many different aspects. My recommendation for all is to take action! To take small steps necessary to begin to reverse this very big issue, and combat obesity for our children and their future lives!

2 thoughts on “Combatting Childhood Obesity

  1. shemickab says:

    Its crazy how obesity is becoming this big thing in the US. Back in the day our elders grew their own foods and had farms to take care of them and they lived for over 100 years. But today the average lives aren’t even making it past the age of 60 and it makes you wonder whats really happening in the world. There has to be something that we aren’t doing right or eating that is chemically not okay for our body and why is it that our government see’s these things happening and wants whats best for us yet are providing things that are killing us. How can we better ourselves when the people that are paid to protect us steady put things in the world that harm us. But thanks for your post.

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